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Apple Music+, 3rd-gen AirPods may launch next week

A high-res Apple Music tier might be arriving next week alongside new AirPods.

iphone 12 blue

iPhone 13 rumors: Everything you need to know

Here are the major features that have been rumored for the 2021 iPhones.

These are the products we wish Apple would make

We love Apple products and we wish the company would do more. On this episode of the Macworld Podcast, we talk about products we wish Apple would make. It’s our wish list for Apple!

Colored MacBook Air with white bezels: Macworld readers aren’t having it

Rumor has it that the MacBook Air could be next for colors and the white-bezel treatment like the 24-inch iMac. But is that what you want?

WD Black D50 Gaming Dock

WD_Black D50 review: A fast Thunderbolt 3 dock with internal storage

WD's Black_D50 gaming dock may not be aimed at Mac users, but it still does a great job expanding ports and storage on a Mac.

How to remotely control your iPhone’s camera

If you want to snap a pic with your iPhone without using your hands, there are several options.

Coming to Apple TV+: ‘Home Before Dark’ season 2 debuts on June 11

Apple has a lot of original content on the way for its subscription streaming video service. Here's what you'll soon (and eventually) be able to watch.

Apple hires, then fires controversial ex-Facebook employee

Apple has cut ties with controversial ex-Facebook employee Antonio García Martínez after thousands of employees questioned his hiring in a company-wide petition.


7 ways Apple can make the AirTag so much better

Apple's AirTag Bluetooth item finder is a great first-gen product with many good qualities, including best-in-class long-range tracking, ultra-wideband support, and a smart design. But it’s far from perfect.

AirTag review: Classic Apple, holes and all

Ultra-wideband support makes Apple's AirTag better than the average Bluetooth tracker, but it's missing some things that could make it even better—like a keyring hole.

Mac Automator Calendar

How to connect automated sequences with a calendar entry on a Mac

Attach Automator actions to the Calendar app and perform routine activities while you sleep.

apple magsafe hub

The best MagSafe cases, chargers, and accessories for the iPhone 12

Apple’s new MagSafe charging system has already spawned a whole slew of accessories. Here are our favorites so far.

apple product family 2017

Get a deal on an iPhone, M1 Mac and more at Apple's Certified Refurbished Store

Want a new Apple device but don’t want to shell out for a full-priced version? Consider a refurbished model instead. Our FAQ and refurb deal guide can help you choose.

Chipolo undercuts AirTag by a buck with its Find My tracker

Chipolo has opened up preorders for its One Spot Find My tracker and it's cheaper than the AirTag.

This $10 Nintendo Switch calculator will look very familiar to iPhone fans

Nintendo has started selling a calculator for the Switch and it looks a lot like the old iPhone calculator.