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AirTags: Everything you need to know about Apple’s tracking devices

Apple has its own Bluetooth and UWB item trackers. Here's everything you need to know about them.

AirTag reviews roundup: They work well but scratch easily

Some early reviewsers have gotten a chance to use Apple AirTags this week and the first impressions are strong.

iPhone 12 colors

iOS 15: Lock screen, notification, privacy upgrades in the works

For all the great new features of iOS 14, we still have a lot we want from this year's release.

Apple logo Spring Loaded

Macworld Podcast: What’s to like about the M1 iMac, new iPad Pro, and more

Spring Loaded has srpung! Apple’s latest event is powered by the M1, bringing us a new iMac, iPad Pad, and more. We talk abou Apple’s announcements in this episode of the Macworld Podcast.

Tim Cook M1 iMac

6 ways the new 24-inch M1 iMac still falls frustratingly short

The 24-inch M1 iMac has a great design and tons of speed, but there are plenty of things that frustrate us.

11-inch M1 iPad Pro vs iPad Air: Back on top

If you want a premium—but not too premium—iPad, the choice just got a little harder.

Macworld’s May digital magazine: 20 years of Mac OS X

The best content from Macworld wrapped up in our digital magazine.

Apple’s event calendar: WWDC is coming June 7-11

When is the next Apple event? We'll tell you what we know about Apple's event schedule.

Stolen MacBook Pro schematics confirm HDMI, SD card, and MagSafe

After a ransomware attack, schematics were published online that purportedly show a new design for the MacBook Pro.

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10 gigabit ethernet option now available for the M1 Mac mini

Apple issued an update to its most affordable Mac by offering a new networking option.

m1 iMac

Several important Apple event tidbits you may have missed

Apple announced a lot of stuff yesterday, but not all of them made headlines. Here are a few things you may have missed.

iPad Pro 2021

The iPad Pro is a killer machine but its software is killing me

Apple doesn't quite feel like it's hitting on all cylinders with the iPad Pro. The hardware is top notch. The software leaves a lot to be desired.

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iMac buying guide: The one you want isn’t the most expensive anymore

Everything you need to know before you buy a new iMac.

m1 iMac hello

The new 24-inch M1 iMac from every angle

Apple's new 24-inch iMac is a stunner available in a variety of colors.

Everything Apple announced at its April 20 ‘Spring Loaded’ event

iMac, Apple TV, iPad Pro, AirTags, Podcast subscriptions, was a big day.